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Shaking Up The Sunglass Industry!

In a world teeming with sunglass brands, uncovering the exceptional amidst the ordinary is often challenging.

Well, guess what?

The wait is over.

Allow us to introduce ourselves – we are Island Optics. We are here to disrupt the industry with an unbeatable value proposition. Our promise? Superior lenses, impeccable craftsmanship, and a limited replacement warranty. Island Optics is poised to become your ultimate destination for top-tier polarized sunglasses at an affordable price point. 

The Apex of Lens Technology

What truly sets Island Optics apart is our groundbreaking OX2 lenses. These polarized wonders provide unparalleled 100% UVA and UVB protection, ensuring your precious eyes remain shielded from harmful sun rays. But that's just the beginning of our lens story. We take immense pride in delivering lenses with unparalleled control of light transmission, rendering precise colors that are finely tuned to enhance color contrast and visibility. Our OX-2 Polarized Sunglasses offer unprecedented clarity thanks to our superior polarization technology. These lenses are more than just polarized; they come equipped with anti-reflective coatings and UV400 protection, ensuring your vision stays sharp and clear even in the most challenging lighting conditions. Moreover, our ultra-hard anti-scratch coating guarantees that your sunglasses can withstand the rigors of an active lifestyle, be it fishing, boating, golfing, or simply basking under the sun. We firmly believe that sunglasses should be built for the sun, and our lenses are a testament to this commitment to quality.


Stay Crystal Clear & Clean

Our sunglasses have an advanced hydrophobic and oleophobic coating that acts like a shield against water and smudges. Imagine raindrops sliding off a car windshield – that's how our lenses handle water. Plus, they're like magic against fingerprints and oily marks; they just won't stick. So, whether it's a rainy day or you accidentally touch the lenses, you'll always have clear, spotless vision with Island Optics sunglasses.

Exceptional Value and Warranty

Island Optics continues beyond providing top-tier lenses. We offer an unparalleled value proposition. With a price point of under $65 per pair, our sunglasses are priced at a fraction of the cost compared to our competitors. And don't let the affordability mislead you; it's quite the opposite. Island Optics focuses on delivering tremendous value, making our sunglasses an intelligent investment for your eye protection needs. We back our products with a Limited Lifetime Craftsmanship Warranty, a testament to our unwavering confidence in the durability and quality of our sunglasses. With this warranty, you can trust that your investment is protected for the long run. You're not just getting style but also exceptional substance in every pair.

Why Island Optics?

Island Optics isn't just another sunglass company; we are game-changers in the industry. Our commitment to delivering superior lenses, unbeatable value, and a limited replacement warranty sets us apart. Whether you're an avid outdoor enthusiast or appreciate quality eyewear, Island Optics is the best-kept secret you've longed to discover.

  • Polarized HRC, UV-400 Multi-Coatings
  • Polycarbonate Lenses for Ultra Sharp Optics
  • Ultra Light Non-Slip Comfort Design
  • Backed by a Limited Lifetime Craftsmanship Warranty

Are you ready to put on the set of shades that will help you keep some of that hard-earned cash in your pocket? Browse the site and find the right frame for you, but if you’re still unsure about what lenses are right for you, get in touch with us here: